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Where you’re going... is more important than where you are!

I know something about you …
You want more in your life and you will not settle,
You’re an achiever, but don’t have everything you want … just yet.
You want more happiness, better health, more money, to make a positive impact, endless passion in your relationship, a life of adventure, fun and laughter, and more free time to enjoy life.

Hi, I’m Croix Sather – 2x World Record Champion. How did I become that unlikely superstar? … with what I am about to teach you. I call it LIFExDESIGN – pronounced, LIFE by DESIGN. The “X” is for the x-factor inside of you – That amazing unique thing that makes you standout and is your gift to this world. The very thing we are going to amplify for amazing results.

LIFExDESIGN focuses on giving you the right mindset and mind programming for success and teaching you the right strategies that will make you unstoppable. Imagine how amazing your life will be when you are able to get the results you want day after day because you have the mindset of a champion. Imagine how different your life will be when you are able to get through obstacles that used to stop you in the past.

LIFExDESIGN is for you, but it is not for everyone (and that’s a good thing). This is why:

This is for you because...
  • You are different.
  • You are "awake" to your potential & greatness.
  • You believe in your core that you are here for a purpose.
  • And even if you don’t know exactly what that purpose is yet, or how you will live up to it, you are certain that you will find it and that you can.
Who this is NOT for:
  • Get rich quick seekers.
  • Lazy and unwilling: Slackers need not apply
  • Negative, defeatist, or otherwise a bad attitude
  • The bottom 80%

Did you know that only about 20% of people read a book, attend a seminar, or look
for life-improving solutions? LIFExDESIGN is a lifestyle success program for the top 20% – Meaning, those who get it and are pursuing a better life and understand that an amazing life is created through an intentional desire and intentional actions.

“Frankly, I only want to work with promising superstars. And
create a community of like-minded super achievers.”

LIFExDESIGN a lasting change mindset success system for people who want sustainable success, wealth and happiness. It’s for those that are conscious to the idea of making this world a better place in your family, community or at a global level.


Get the Right Things Done
How much would a program be worth to you if it saved you many hours each week in lost productivity? And it saved you from months of going down the wrong road? What will it feel like when you go to sleep at night at peace with yourself because you know that you got everything done that was important and is moving you towards your goals? Any of these individually is worth thousands more than the cost of this program.




Because I was just like you – I knew that there was extraordinary greatness inside of me, but I ignored it because I believed others when they said I was crazy, stupid, or a dreamer. I plummeted into a world of complacency.

Until …
I discovered the formula to UNLOCK YOUR INNER CHAMPION and to create a truly amazing LIFE BY DESIGN. It wasn’t easy to find my way to greatness in a sea of quackery. I’ve read, trained, and studied the best in the world. Then I distilled it to a formula that works, day-in and day-out. And then I set out to become the best in the world. I will show you how to create world-class greatness.

World Record Champion
I was frustrated with being ordinary. I was tired of being lost in the crowd. I was teaching others to live an extraordinary life and my clients were doing amazing things, but hadn’t truly embraced it at a level I knew was possible for me, a truly world-class level. What I wanted was to be the very best in the world!

So I set out on an epic journey of the most impossible challenge I could imagine. In just over 2 years, I went from a non-runner to a 2x world record extreme-ultra distance runner. First, I ran across America. Yes, literally a trek from coast to coast.  I ran a marathon distance a day for 100 consecutive days. Plus each day I presented an inspirational speech to underserved audiences. That’s 26+ miles and a keynote speech each day from California to NYC.

Then, it was on to something that would push me to the very limits of my being. A world record run through Death Valley. By far an even harder challenge. It was a 146 miles nonstop crossing of the hottest environment on the planet without assistance. To be unassisted, I had to push a cart with food, water and supplies weighing 270 pounds, called the “Badwater Solo.”

I don’t expect you to run across America or run through Death Valley. It’s not about the run or the world records. I did this because I felt it in my soul that that is what I had to do for me … and to inspire you. I don’t say this to impress you, I want to inspire you to live your dreams and go for your biggest goals. Life is ALL about living up to your potential and answering your calling. It’s about UNLOCKING YOUR INNER CHAMPION. And it is about following your own path, your journey, your purpose, and living up to your greatness.

If you want an amazing life like the one you imagine, you have to go out and get it. You have to create it. LIFExDESIGN will save you years of frustration and time getting to your dreams.

modules-ssEach month you will get access to a new video based module to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Each month you will focus on one key success strategy (e.g. Mindset of money, Maximum productivity, Find your passion). It is designed this way so that you can master one strategy and internalize it. This creates lasting change. Plus, the videos are divided into 20-minute segments to fit into your busy world. The videos are then converted to audio for repetition learning on the go.


Module Content:

  • Video
  • Audio
  • Success Documents
  • Activities

You might be thinking, “Why only $199?”

When my life was spinning out of control in a downward spiral, I signed up for a wealth expo. My though was that if I got rich, all my problems would be solved. Speaker after speaker presented from the stage. Each one pitched their products and every one was $2,000 or more. They were out of my price range.

I was mesmerized by one amazing presentation. In fact it was that very presentation that changed the trajectory of my life and the reason that I am success strategist and teaching you how to transform your life. I said to myself, “If this is under one thousand dollars, I’m in!” It was and I signed up. If it had been thousands of dollars, I could not have made the leap and take action to change my life. That is why I am pricing LIFExDESIGN so that it is so affordable that it is a no brainer. In fact, I want you to think, “I’d have to be an idiot not to sign up for this.”

The best part for you, is that I believe you will say, “LIFExDESIGN is worth 10x what you will pay.” Because it will change your life. But, sign up now, because this is an artificially low introductory price.


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